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Causes of Flooding

It goes without saying that the basement is the part of your home or business that is most likely to be flooded. However, other parts of your home may still experience flooding due to burst pipes, a leaky roof, torrential rain, changes in the landscape, or improperly maintained heating or cooling units. A flood can range from a few centimetresof …

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Clean Up Your Home or Office Following Construction and Renovations

Now that the kids are back to school, you may want to take advantage of the empty house and finally start that renovation or construction project you’ve been putting off all summer. But with construction and renovation comes cleanup. Why not call on the professionals at Flood Services Canada, the leading provider of post-construction cleaning in Toronto and the Greater …

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Be Prepared for Severe Weather

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been enjoying warm temperatures after experiencing unseasonably cool temperatures this summer, but Flood Services Canada, the leadingflood service in the GTA, warns their customers that heat and humidity often bring severe and unstable weather. Just look at the flooding that several parts of the province have experienced, particularly Burlington, which received the equivalent of …

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The Importance of Cleaning Following a Fire

A house fire is one of the most devastating and traumatic experiences you can have as a home or business owner. You may think that once the fire is put out and the firefighters leave, it’s all over, but as Flood Services Canada tells their clients, you still need the services of a professional. As the leading provider of repair …

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Check Your Plumbing to Prevent Flood Damage

With the recent heavy rains the Greater Toronto Area has experienced, Flood Services Canada in Toronto is urging home and business owners to make sure their water pipes are in good condition and work to avoid the situation that recently affected a hospital in Alberta. More than 300 patients at Miscericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton were forced to reschedule vital …

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Dry Soaked Carpets to Avoid Health Issues

The Greater Toronto Area has experienced heavy rain this spring and summer. Just recently, the GTA was lashed by a severe rainstorm that dumped several millimetres of rain on the area in a short time frame, and some areas even reported tornados! Flood Services Canada, the leading provider of commercial carpet cleaning in Toronto, has been busy the last few …

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Health Risks Following a Basement Flood

If your basement is flooded, Flood Services Canada, the leading provider of basement flood cleanup in Brampton, recommends having it cleaned immediately after the flood. If you do not, you could be putting your family’s health in danger, as a number of health risks can arise following a flood. The biggest risk is mould. If anyone in your family suffers …

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What to Do in the Event of a Flood

Spring may be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean that the risk of flooding has ended. For proof, look no further than the severe thunderstorm that hit the Greater Toronto Area in July 2013, which dumped 90 millimetres of rain in 90 minutes and led to millions of dollars in damage. April may be over, but that doesn’t …

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Book Your Flood Cleanup in Toronto Before it Gets Busy!

Last July, one of the worst thunderstorms to hit the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in decades dumped 90 millimetres of rain in 90 minutes. The storm drenched basements in Toronto’s west end and caused flooding throughout the GTA, causing tens of millions of dollars worth of damage in a short time.Flood Services Canada, the leading provider of flood cleanup in …

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