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How to Prevent Water Damage While Away on Vacation

When most people prepare for vacation, they pause or redirect their mail, carefully lock up their home, and ask their neighbours to keep an eye on their house. However, an important aspect that many homeowners forget is to shut off the main water valve to their home to prevent water damage while on vacation. Especially when travelling during seasons with …

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10 Safety Tips to Deal with Water Damage

Water damage can happen to anyone, and unless you’ve had experience dealing with water damage in the past, it can be a stressful and frantic experience. The first thing you should always do is contact a professional water damage repair team, but while they’re on their way, and depending on the source of the water, there are things you can …

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What Causes Basement Flooding?

When most people imagine their basement getting flooded, they think of occasional natural disasters or heavy rains and storms during the fall and spring. Unfortunately, basements can get flooded in winter too. Despite the colder temperatures that turn rain into snow, poor maintenance over the summer and shifting weather can lead to cracks in your foundation or burst pipes that …

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