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Catastrophic Flooding Overview

Catastrophic flooding is, unsurprisingly, one of the worst water damage situations a property owner can face. These are situations such as the 2013 floods in Alberta and Toronto, where water filled the streets and caused several billion dollars worth of damage overall. When facing water damage of this magnitude, fast action is necessary to mitigate the worst of the damage …

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The Power Outage that Resulted from the Ice Storm of March 2016 in Ontario Discommoded Many Residents.

The Issue: The property owners had one back-up battery for their sump-pump. Due to the duration of the power outage, the battery eventually died and water began to back-up into the basement. As a result, the entire basement was flooded and had over 2’ of standing water. Challenges: The basement had occupants – a ninety-two year old grandmother and her …

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Black Water Flood Cleanup Company in Mississauga

What Is Black Water? Black water, also known as category 3 water damage, is the worst type of water to encounter in a flood situation. The name stems from the fact that this type of water is often dark, murky, and potentially teeming with bacteria that can cause significant illness if ingested or if droplets are inhaled. More than any …

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