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Flood Cleanup and Water Damage Restoration

Whether it is from a burst/frozen pipe, an overflowing toilet, snow melting, home appliance failure, plumbling leakage, haivy rain or a catastrophic storm, the minute water intrudes your home or building, all kinds of problems can arise such as rusty pipes, flooded basement, damaged carpet and flooring, warped walls, cracked foundations, and most importantly mould growth. The financial consequences of flood water damage can be devastating for both residential families and commercial businesses in Toronto, ON.

Cleaning Up After a Flood

If the flooded water damage is left untreated, even simple leaks and spills can cause severe problems potentially posing a threat to your health with mould and mildew. The moulds that can grow even after a small flood can cause symptoms ranging from headaches, allergic reactions, runny noses, rashes, to even asthma and other lung problems. This is especially true for vulnerable people such as the young, sick and the elderly. To find out more about the possible health effects of mould caused by moisture intrusion or by damp or flooded basements please refer to the website for the Canadian Lung Association. All this can be dealt with by using a proper flood water damage removal and repair, water restoration and flood cleanup services providing company in Toronto and surrounding areas.

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